We are a group of heritage practitioners at the University of York. In summer 2017 we worked with the university and the Malton Museum to make a Twine-based videogame about Roman Malton, which contained a fort as well as a vicus, or non-military residential area.

This website follows the journey of creating our game, and records the historical research we have undertaken on Roman Malton, alongside providing access to our associated photos, research sources, and more.

Our team consists of a mix of undergraduate students, PhD researchers, IT and e-learning professionals, museum curators, heritage professionals, and university lecturers.

The members of our project based in the Archaeology Department at York include:

Emily Pearson: Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Fascinated by heritage sites with a particular interest in historical buildings conservation and curation.

Hayden Chamberlain: Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Keen on exploring the presentation of heritage within Yorkshire.

Isobel Christian: Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Enjoys spending time visiting heritage sites, has a keen interest in museum curation and conservation of historic buildings. 

Marionna Sandín Catacora: Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Passionate about museums, art galleries and traveling to visit the most emblematic symbols of touristic places.

L. Harald Fredheim (instructor): Conservator, heritage manager and archaeologist. Currently a PhD candidate at the University of York studying the sustainability of public agency in caring for heritage and exploring critical perspectives on participation through digital co-design.

L. Meghan Dennis (instructor): Archaeologist with more than 10 years of experience in cultural resource management, historic preservation and research-based archaeology. Currently a PhD student at the University of York, focusing on archaeological ethics in videogames and digital media.

Tara Copplestone (instructor): Archaeologist who is currently pursuing a PhD at Aarhus and York Universities. Interested in how digital creativity and programming through the videogame media form might support existing archaeological paradigms, as well as potentially novel approaches to archaeology.

Sara Perry (module coordinator): Module leader for the University of York’s undergraduate heritage fieldschool. Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management and Director of Studies of both the Digital Heritage and Archaeological Information Systems postgraduate programmes.